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Laura Heybrook Garden Landscape & Architectural Design Oxford

Getting going… step by step
I have, first of all, to make a Garden Layout Plan and draw up Building Specifications so that a contractor can give an accurate price for the work to be done. The work is itemised, so that it is easy to make any changes to keep within budget.

Choosing materials is always so important, with the wrong materials nothing can go right, with the right materials it much more difficult for anything to go wrong! I am very careful in either matching what is already in place, or bringing in new to vary interest, textures and colours. This then leads to finding craftswomen and men who will work in their own speciality, gardeners, stonemasons, carpenters, blacksmiths and all their helpers. 

Different people bringing their different talents and skills to make their contribution to the success of the work, and by using them we encourage and support them in their crafts.

We make a Planting Plan once we have settled the Garden Layout Plan, and this is often a favourite moment, the time to dream up everything and any plant that might be included! Plants from childhood gardens, plants seen on travels, plants from books and other people’s gardens, plants to try. 

A Plant List then details the species, size and numbers of all required. We can then establish the cost of the plants that are needed.