An apricot is not an apricot is not an apricot! But a good apricot is heaven! Delicate, subtle, quiet, and understated, to think of dying without having tasted a good apricot!

But oh, what grief! to know your good apricot you have to have tasted disappointing apricots! But then you will have the measure of it, and be able to compare it with the most delicious, gorgeous, juicy, sweet one. It is the delicacy of it on your tongue that you will never forget, and then you will have lived by another measure of delight!

When they are good, you can’t stop eating them! They will grow on a sunny wall in a warming England. My lovely father has had great success with the variety called ‘Tomcot’. Yum yum, I can vouch for that!

Many that are sold come from other countries and are all sorts of different varieties. Some are wonderful, some are dullish, despite how long you leave them to ripen. Were they picked too soon, with not enough sun magic? Or is it just a variety that will travel, but doesn’t ‘eat’?

And try the French ones! and the littler ones are the best! Sweeties!

Apricot Time