The early, golden days of summer are upon us and this year seem even more sensational.

Several Head Gardeners have commented that they’ve never know blossom as good and I couldn’t agree more. Country lanes are overflowing with flowering hawthorn, cowparsley and other wild beauties including buttercups, daisies and already dandelion seedheads.

In the garden, lilac and magnolia blooms seem bigger than ever, whilst the new leaves of trees have taken on incredible variations of fresh hues of green. A client returning from work in New York was also taken aback by the colour variation in this years’ spring foliage on his estate.

It really has been a glorious unfurling of spring into summer. Do step out and enjoy the continuing festival – the roses are poised to take centre stage. Definitely time to celebrate – there is so much to look forward to!

Bonanza Blossom!
Bonanza blossoms!