laura Heybrook Garden Landscape & Architectural Design Oxford

Colour, colour, colour!
A visit to the old Tate a few days ago, found us standing in front of so
many wonderful paintings by Turner.   I still haven't recovered and don't
want to !  

The beauty, the delicacy, the skill, the insight and intelligence and the
passion of his use of colour and what he does with some simple tubes of
paint, I suddenly realised I must always remember this when planning
planting schemes.  By seeing with new eyes every day, whether bright or dull
light, the possibilities and brilliance which are all around us and can be
made or missed, these are our opportunities, at no extra cost, to make
dullness or living in heaven.

Let's experiment with colour, use colour, be bold, be bright, be gaudy, be
adventurous and have a party every day, learn and get better and refine as
you go along, let life be bright and colourful !  Chink !  Party time !

Laura, October 2021