You might think that garden designers spend most of their time actually in gardens, which often turns out not to be the case. Every day in a garden yes, but a good deal of time is spent in our offices.

My only lasting New Year resolution (!) was to have flowers on my desk every day of the year. I’m talking real flowers fresh from my garden (or Rose’s!) – not 24-7 heated and illuminated, sprayed and fertilised, jet lag weary, air-con frazzled frights that are ubiquitously offered.

I’m looking now at today’s merry medley posie that my daughter helped me find – Vinca major, Geranium phaeum ‘Album’, cowslip, aquilegia, leaves of Alchemilla mollis and a pigeon feather. Gorgeous. Some of our collection have already gone – lilac, Meconopsis cambrica and pear leaves (that are such a breathtaking green) didn’t stand even a few hours in a vase.

It’s not been hard to find beautiful flowers and leaves every day since January 1st and I’m carefully noting those that hold their heads high for several days. It has also been wonderful to ‘get out there’ and watch the glorious spring unfurl.

Next week a fabulous Dutch contingent arrive – we’re off to SW3 and also some of our other favourite gardens. Better get back to plant ordering!

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