On Saturday I whizzed in to the local florist in search of tulips. I just love them – instant reminders of cherished Dutch relatives, and also that long, warm days are on their way.

The shop owner was busy unloading and checking flowers, buckets of them and ALL red roses. He muttered that they had cost him 250% more than usual for the coming week alone leading to St. Valentine’s Day.

As it happens, very few of our clients like red roses. And of course, the one or two that do would certainly not be able to offer their adored ones even a stem from their garden on St. Valentine’s Day.

With our extensive plant knowledge, we make sure that every client can proffer their beloved gorgeous flowers from their gardens any day of the year. On St. Valentine’s Day, they could pick heady-scented daphne, winter box or honeysuckle and make posies of snowdrops, aconites, winter iris and cyclamens…. Any of these winter jewels presented in an old crystal glass (available from our shop) is guaranteed to melt anyone’s heart, especially with a big kiss!

PS – I did find some lovely tulips… red was the only choice!

St. Valentine's Day